Why We Should Keep Our Promises To Our Kids

promises-child-developmentPromises! Promises! Promises! They’re easy to make; easier to break! But as parents, we really need to make an extra effort to follow through with our promises to our kids.

Kids look forward to our promises. If we don’t do our best to follow through with our promises, it could possibly have a negative impact on our kids. Here are some good reasons as to why we should keep our promises to our kids.

Kids Will Trust And Respect Us

If our kids see how hard we try to follow through with our promises, they will eventually trust us more. The promises we make to our kids set some kind of expectations on their part. If we meet their expectations, we will become their heroes. The more we meet their expectations, the more they will trust and respect us. Instilling trust and respect at a very young age can really have a positive impact on our relationship with our kids.

We Can Be Good Role Models

If our kids see how hard we try to keep a promise, they will also do it. Kids learn better when they see it from the grown-ups. Seeing how much effort we put in, kids will also learn to make good with their promises.

Our Kids Will Learn About Integrity

While it may seem like a heavy word to learn about at a very young age, kids will eventually learn about integrity. Even if they don’t know the meaning of the word, the act of keeping a promise becomes natural to them. This definitely will have a positive impact on them, creating a sense of integrity that they can hold on to.

Helps Instill Discipline

Not all promises are worth looking forward to. Sometimes we promise to do a certain act in case our child misbehaves. It maybe some kind of punishment, but the point is that we should follow through with it. There should be no excuses in this case.

If our child sees that we cannot even follow through with a particular promise to address a misbehavior, then discipline will be very hard to instill. If we can’t follow through a promise that has something to with a misbehavior, our child will just get away with everything. There will be no sense of discipline since there’s just no promise of punishment in place.

It Will Speak Well Of Us

Keeping our promises to our kids will speak well of us. Our kids will look up to us. Also, we will feel good about ourselves. There won’t be any guilt feelings. That’s one good reason as to why we should really do our best to keep our promises to our kids.

Kids Will Learn About Honesty

We don’t want out kids calling us liars just because we cannot follow through with a certain promise. No one wants to be called a liar. If our kids see that we are very careful with our promises, they will learn about honesty along the way. Making sure a promise is made and kept, shows sincerity and honesty on our part. It’s very important that our kids see these virtues at a very young age.

Kids Will Learn The Value Of Making A Promise

It’s simple. If our kids see that we always do our best to make good with our promises, they will also do the same. They will grow up knowing that it’s important to keep promises. That will really speak well of them as they live their lives.

It’s really important to keep our promises to our kids. Although there will be times when some of our promises will really be undelivered; we just really need to take some time to explain to our kids why we couldn’t follow through. But nonetheless, we have to be very careful with the promises we make. We need to make sure that we can keep our promises, as much as possible. How we follow through with all our promises builds the foundation of our relationship with our kids.

Why I’m Impressed With This Online Sitter Resource

sittercity-sitter-tipsHow sure are we that our kids are totally safe with their sitters? Every time we hire a sitter, that question just lingers in our head until such time we get home and find our kids safe and sound. There isn’t a parent out there that doesn’t ask this question. But then, there isn’t a parent out there that doesn’t need a sitter.

I definitely prioritize safety every time I hire a sitter. This means that I need to make sure the sitter I hire has a clean background. I wouldn’t want a sitter with any criminal record. Such is the reason why I prefer to find sitters from Sittercity. I like that I can run a background check on the babysitters. That gives me some kind of assurance but I can’t say that’s 100% peace of mind because it isn’t.

The one good thing I like about Sittercity is that I can do my part in making sure my kids are safe with their sitter. Aside from running a background check on the sitters, I make sure to check out the reading materials posted on the website. Sittercity is really a good source of informative materials perfect for a concerned mom like me.

One such reading material is how to monitor the babysitter. According to www.iparentinglife.com, which features the latest Sittercity promo code, the monitoring process of Sittercity helps me gauge the sitter well. It’s pretty simple to follow. Here are the three steps that make up the monitoring process of Sittercity.

Continuously Assess The Sitter

Sittercity believes that finding the right sitter doesn’t end with just the hiring stage. Such is why the monitoring process of Sittercity starts as soon the sitter is hired.

The first step of the monitoring process requires me to carefully assess the sitter I’ve just hired. This is the part where I really make sure if I’ve found the right match. Sometimes, the applicants act differently during the interview stage. So soon as the sitter comes over, I need to make sure if she can really connect to my kids. Although, I won’t be getting the answers right away, I need to make sure that this step is carried on for a couple of days. Continuous assessment of the sitter is one sure way for me to know that my kids are really comfortable with their new sitter.

Keep The Communication Lines Open

Here’s the thing I like about the sitters from Sittercity: They’re very professional in keeping the communication open. At the end of the day, they always conduct a debriefing with me, giving me feedback and updates on my kids. I have noticed this with all the sitters I’ve hired from Sittercity. The Sittercity reviews recommended that you always have to keep the communication lines open no matter what.

Well apparently, this best practice of Sittercity is the second step in the monitoring process. Hence, I don’t take it for granted. I make sure to sit down with my sitter soon as I get home. I make sure I get all the feedback and updates about my kids. This is also one good way to continuously assess the sitter. On a side note and before I forget, I definitely would recommend that you use a Sittercity promo code for membership discount when you decide to become a member of this resource.

Observe The Sitter At All Times

This is one of the best tips from Sittercity. No matter how much I’ve followed the selection process, Sittercity requires parents to always observe the sitter. Hiring a sitter from Sittercity (or from anywhere for that matter) is not 100% proof that our child is safe. We really need to do our part in making sure our kids are safe. While Sittercity can provide all the tools and tips, as a parent, I need to do my part in keeping my kids safe. So in my opinion, Sittercity keeps it safe by getting us, parents, to do our part in the whole childcare process. I find that very impressive.

Is A Dieter Better Off With Medifast?

weight-loss-with-medifastThere are a lot of diet delivery programs and they all seem to work very well. They all boast of their portion-controlled meals that really hasten weight loss. There is no doubt that the diet delivery programs have brought in a better way to lose weight.

With a variety of diet delivery programs out in the market, choosing the right one can post as a real challenge for some. Although most of the diet delivery programs are very effective, it wouldn’t hurt to choose the one that stands out the most. It wouldn’t hurt to choose Medifast.

Here are the five reasons as to why Medifast is better.

It’s Safe

Most of the meal replacement programs are safe and effective. Based on some Medifast diet reviews, meal replacement programs provide the right amount of calories and nutrients for the body. But not all of them are safe for people that have diabetes.

Medifast aims to control not just obesity and weight loss but also diabetes. It also offers special diets for vegetarians. With so many people struggling to lose weight and to beat diabetes, it just makes so much sense to go for Medifast.

Variety Of Snacks

For folks that like to nibble on something throughout the day, Medifast has a good variety of snacks that can be eaten six times a day. The dieter can choose from a healthy list of snacks that include BBQ Bites, Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks, and Parmesan Cheese Puffs, to name a few. They are, definitely, healthier alternatives to junk food. Incidentally, use some Medifast coupons to save on this weight loss program so that it is easier on the budget. I used the latest Medifast coupons to get me started on this diet program and it has really been worth it.

With Medifast, eating in between meals is part of the whole process. The dieter won’t experience any hunger and craving. While the other diet delivery programs also encourage eating in between meals, they don’t offer a list of snacks for the dieter. Medifast has it all covered for the dieter.

Variety Of Weight Loss Plans

Medifast offers several weight plans to suit the specific needs of a dieter. Medifast diet reviews site 52sl.net says that the 5 &1 Plan is one of their most well-known weight loss solution. This plan requires the dieter to have five meal replacements from Medifast and one Green and Lean Meal that’s prepared at home.

The other weight loss plans of Medifast are the following:

• 4&2&1 Plan
• 5&2&2 Plan
• 3&3 Plan

So whether the dieter wants to lose fifteen pounds or more, any of the Medifast plans can help achieve the goal. Needless to say, the 4&2&1 and 5&2&2 Plans are safe for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. While on the other hand, the 3 & 3 Plan is perfect for people that want to maintain their weight.

Weight Loss Is Just The First Phase

The dieter goes through three phases with Medifast. The first phase is weight loss. The second phase is where the dieter transitions to maintain the weight loss. Here, the body gradually adjusts so that it can proceed to maintain the weight loss. Soon as the body is able to adjust, the dieter is all set to proceed to the third stage which is maintenance. There are less chances of gaining back the pounds with Medifast.

Real Food

While Medifast is a meal replacement program, it also encourages the dieter to cook real food. This is how Medifast stands out among the rest. It teaches the dieter to put together healthy meals. The other diet delivery programs don’t have this kind of empowerment over their members.

These are just a few reasons as to why Medifast works. But nonetheless, these five reasons are good enough to prove that the dieter is better with off Medifast.

How Sittercity Connects Parents To Babysitters

how-to-find-a-sitter-sittercitySittercity works in such a way that it connects parents to the babysitter of their choice. Some people compare it to dating websites. In terms of connecting people, it’s pretty much the same. But in terms of HOW it connects people, Sittercity has more stringent guidelines. While romance is the sole purpose of dating websites, safety is what Sittercity stands for.

With safety as the top priority, Sittercity connects parents to their preferred babysitter. There are four steps as to how this can be done.

The First Step: Sign Up

The first step in finding the right babysitter is by simply signing up with Sittercity. Parents will find the three-month membership plan of Sittercity more practical and affordable. First, it won’t compel them to commit to an annual fee. Second, there’s a Sittercity three-month promo code that makes the whole plan very affordable. There really is no reason why parents can’t join Sittercity. It’s just very affordable.

The Second Step: Post A Job

Soon as the parents sign up, they can immediately post their job requirement. In posting a job, parents are guided by Sittercity on how to do it well. The website of Sittercity has a lot of useful information that can really help parents. One such valuable information it offers is how to post a descriptive job requirement. Based on the Sittercity reviews I’ve seen, parents suggest that one of the best ways to connect to the right babysitter is by posting a well-written job requirement.

The Third Step: Babysitters Reply To The Job Post

After the job requirement has been posted, the interested parties will soon apply to the job post. This is how Sittercity makes it so easy for parents. In no time, parents will have a list of interested applicants to choose from. They will receive a good number of email responses from interested applicants that are living within the area.

Sittercity keeps the search simple by making sure the interested applicants live within the area. Parents won’t have to look anywhere else because Sittercity works in such a way that it filters all the interested applicants according to the location of the job requirement. It’s that easy finding a babysitter nearby with Sittercity.

The Fourth Step: Finding The Perfect Match

The fourth step is finding the perfect match. While this is the last step, it requires a lot of tasks. According to sitter reviews site cxbaby.net, Sittercity does not just find a match; it intends to find the perfect match. Hence, this step has a couple important components that can really help parents connect to the right babysitter.

In finding the right match, parents should take advantage of all the resources Sittercity has to offer. One such vital resource is the background check. Parents should take advantage of this particular service that runs a thorough background check on the applicants. In finding the right match, running a background check can really make a huge difference. Parents will be able to get hold of information that can really help them decide. With the information from the background check, parents can definitely connect to their preferred babysitter.

Parents will find the other resources of Sittercity most helpful in their search for the right babysitter. As long as they take an active part in the search, they will find the right babysitter for their kids in no time.

The stringent guidelines of Sittercity spell out safety. Even if it’s an online resource for childcare, Sittercity prioritizes safety and ensures each connection is built on trust and reliability. That’s exactly how Sittercity connects parents to babysitters.

Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist

home-mainenance-angies-listIf you are home maker like me who needs to have everything in writing, then a year-round cleaning chart is perfect for you.

We live in a modest-sized home. My husband works full time and I am mostly left to maintain the house all year round. Through the years I have learned that keeping a house is hard work. I spend a lot of time and money in keeping up with the maintenance and repairs.

A friend of mine had advised me to come up with a home maintenance checklist for the entire year. She said that by going online I could get suggestions on how to start my checklist. The idea intrigued me.

Since I like writing down stuff, I thought it was something to check out. According to home maintenance site homeownerslife.com, by writing down the things, I would not have to miss out on anything. The repairs would be done on time.

I found a home maintenance checklist template online after I came across a detailed Angies List review. The template was in a form of a table and it had all the various household equipment to be checked. For example, on a monthly basis I would have to check the fire extinguisher, sink, tub stoppers, garbage disposal, and water softener. Every two months, I would have to check if the wall furnace and the range hood needed attention.

The template suggested that every three months, I would have to check if the faucet aerator needed cleaning as well as the outdoor drain grates. Every six months, I would have to to pay attention to the smoke detectors, the interior caulking around tubs and shower area, the filters of the washing machine, and the frayed cord or electrical wires.

Then on a yearly basis, I would have to hire a professional service to check the septic tank and air conditioning system. I would also have to prioritize the cleanout drain and water heater. For these heavy duty jobs, of course I dare not do these. I will be hiring professionals on my favorite site for hiring home maintenance personnel, which is Angie’s List.

By the way, if you want to join Angie’s List (which I highly recommend), I suggest that you save money with Angie’s List promo code. You can get a substantial discount on your membership.

There were even templates of checklist for spring and winter. I thought it was a pretty useful outline for a checklist.

I liked the checklist and made one suitable for our home. Since then I have been following the checklist to a tee. Noticeably, my repair expenses have lessened at the same time, our home is well-maintained.

My Very Own Parenting Style

In my opinion, the most unappreciated job in the world is parenting. Sometimes, children tend to take little things for granted. Simple chores like preparing meals, doing the laundry, tidying up bed spaces or even driving back and forth to school are some of the things the little ones tend to take for granted. Of course, not to mention the cooking, the storybook reading that goes well beyond bedtime, the little extras you buy at the mall that sometimes go way beyond the budget. These are the little things that make up the entire package of being a parent. But then it really takes a whole lot to be called a parent.

Suffice it to say, it really is a selfless job that requires you to be on your toes 24/7. You’ll never know what is needed of you everyday, so you also need to be a troubleshooter, a friend, a buddy, a teacher and oftentimes, a plumber, an electrician, and a cleaner. But just because you are able to do all of the above, it doesn’t mean you’re a good parent. You really have to be able to balance everything to be considered one or at least, come close to being one. But in my opinion, being a good parent means you give your full attention and unconditional love to your kids.

Furthermore, it is best to remember that love and respect are both, pretty much, earned and not demanded. Earn the respect of your children and it will go a along way in forging lasting relations and building stronger bonds. This, in my opinion, is the best way for any child to remember any parent.

While there are no easy steps to follow to become the coolest parent, there is actually a whole lifetime to create and to build the unique lasting relationship with your child. But definitely, the parenting job will never stop. No matter how old your kids are, you will always be a parent. Whether parenting is unappreciated or not, only time can really tell. As a parent, it is best to know what makes your kids sincerely smile.