Why We Should Keep Our Promises To Our Kids

promises-child-developmentPromises! Promises! Promises! They’re easy to make; easier to break! But as parents, we really need to make an extra effort to follow through with our promises to our kids.

Kids look forward to our promises. If we don’t do our best to follow through with our promises, it could possibly have a negative impact on our kids. Here are some good reasons as to why we should keep our promises to our kids.

Kids Will Trust And Respect Us

If our kids see how hard we try to follow through with our promises, they will eventually trust us more. The promises we make to our kids set some kind of expectations on their part. If we meet their expectations, we will become their heroes. The more we meet their expectations, the more they will trust and respect us. Instilling trust and respect at a very young age can really have a positive impact on our relationship with our kids.

We Can Be Good Role Models

If our kids see how hard we try to keep a promise, they will also do it. Kids learn better when they see it from the grown-ups. Seeing how much effort we put in, kids will also learn to make good with their promises.

Our Kids Will Learn About Integrity

While it may seem like a heavy word to learn about at a very young age, kids will eventually learn about integrity. Even if they don’t know the meaning of the word, the act of keeping a promise becomes natural to them. This definitely will have a positive impact on them, creating a sense of integrity that they can hold on to.

Helps Instill Discipline

Not all promises are worth looking forward to. Sometimes we promise to do a certain act in case our child misbehaves. It maybe some kind of punishment, but the point is that we should follow through with it. There should be no excuses in this case.

If our child sees that we cannot even follow through with a particular promise to address a misbehavior, then discipline will be very hard to instill. If we can’t follow through a promise that has something to with a misbehavior, our child will just get away with everything. There will be no sense of discipline since there’s just no promise of punishment in place.

It Will Speak Well Of Us

Keeping our promises to our kids will speak well of us. Our kids will look up to us. Also, we will feel good about ourselves. There won’t be any guilt feelings. That’s one good reason as to why we should really do our best to keep our promises to our kids.

Kids Will Learn About Honesty

We don’t want out kids calling us liars just because we cannot follow through with a certain promise. No one wants to be called a liar. If our kids see that we are very careful with our promises, they will learn about honesty along the way. Making sure a promise is made and kept, shows sincerity and honesty on our part. It’s very important that our kids see these virtues at a very young age.

Kids Will Learn The Value Of Making A Promise

It’s simple. If our kids see that we always do our best to make good with our promises, they will also do the same. They will grow up knowing that it’s important to keep promises. That will really speak well of them as they live their lives.

It’s really important to keep our promises to our kids. Although there will be times when some of our promises will really be undelivered; we just really need to take some time to explain to our kids why we couldn’t follow through. But nonetheless, we have to be very careful with the promises we make. We need to make sure that we can keep our promises, as much as possible. How we follow through with all our promises builds the foundation of our relationship with our kids.



My Very Own Parenting Style

In my opinion, the most unappreciated job in the world is parenting. Sometimes, children tend to take little things for granted. Simple chores like preparing meals, doing the laundry, tidying up bed spaces or even driving back and forth to school are some of the things the little ones tend to take for granted. Of course, not to mention the cooking, the storybook reading that goes well beyond bedtime, the little extras you buy at the mall that sometimes go way beyond the budget. These are the little things that make up the entire package of being a parent. But then it really takes a whole lot to be called a parent.

Suffice it to say, it really is a selfless job that requires you to be on your toes 24/7. You’ll never know what is needed of you everyday, so you also need to be a troubleshooter, a friend, a buddy, a teacher and oftentimes, a plumber, an electrician, and a cleaner. But just because you are able to do all of the above, it doesn’t mean you’re a good parent. You really have to be able to balance everything to be considered one or at least, come close to being one. But in my opinion, being a good parent means you give your full attention and unconditional love to your kids.

Furthermore, it is best to remember that love and respect are both, pretty much, earned and not demanded. Earn the respect of your children and it will go a along way in forging lasting relations and building stronger bonds. This, in my opinion, is the best way for any child to remember any parent.

While there are no easy steps to follow to become the coolest parent, there is actually a whole lifetime to create and to build the unique lasting relationship with your child. But definitely, the parenting job will never stop. No matter how old your kids are, you will always be a parent. Whether parenting is unappreciated or not, only time can really tell. As a parent, it is best to know what makes your kids sincerely smile.

A Blatant Display Of Generation Gap

kids-and-technology-gadgetsThe computer is a wonderful thing but I’m still not that confident using it. I can’t navigate fast enough and it takes me years to figure out how to get to another page. Some friends of mine suggest that I actively participate in some online social networks so that I can learn some techy techniques. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to do it. I hate to admit it, but I’m just one of those folks that have been left behind by technology. Even those touch screen devices intimidate me.

It’s A Different Story With The Kids

But nowadays, I’m amazed at how my kids deal with technology. It’s almost like second nature to them. They’re not intimidated by the machines. They can figure out the navigation all by themselves. It’s just seems so easy for them.

That’s the reason why I always call on them every time I need to download or update something. While that may sound really funny, it’s true. My kids are a big help most especially when I need to get something done online. I’m just amazed with their confidence level when it comes to technology. I can see such a wide gap between me and my kids.

Gotta Face The Fact

I remember clearly a conversation I had with a friend whose expertise is in the field of technology. I have always been awe of her intelligence and foresight. We had gone to college together. To this day, we still keep in touch.

During one of our coffee days, I was telling her about my kids and how confident they always seem with technology. I was comparing myself to my kids, telling her about my ignorance and lack of confidence with technology. She was laughing at my stories. Although she’s an IT expert, she never seems to underestimate me. Instead, our differences make our friendship stronger.

In spite of our light and relaxing conversation, she had said something that made me think. She told me to accept the reality that children today are way smarter than us. That really got me thinking. As much as I wanted to disagree, it somehow made a lot of sense to me.

The kids are much different now. Admittedly, they are smarter and more assertive. They know how to maximize the technology. A good example is this. Years ago when I needed to find out a meaning of a word, I was always told to look it up in a dictionary. Now, every time my kids need to know something, they run to the computer and to google it. As embarrassing as it may sound, they were the ones that taught me how to do this as well.

So I guess my friend is right. I do need to face the fact that the kids are smarter now. In my case, they might even be smarter than me in terms of technology.

Is It A Generation Gap?

I would really like to think it’s clear case of generation gap. But I do agree with my friend that the kids will always be smarter than us when it comes to technology, After all they spend so much time on their computers and devices that they can easily figure out some techie stuff. I just don’t have the time to really immerse myself in the wonderful world of technology. The most I can do is tell a story on some blog platform such as this. Truth be told, I got some help to set this up as well. So every time I see my kids work their way through the internet and computers, I can only say that it’s a blatant display of generation gap.